Opposing Viewpoints Database: Opposing Viewpoints is an excellent resource specifically designed to help students explore both sides of controversial issues. To access this database, go to then media center home page and click on Databases located on the ribbon that runs across the top of the page. Use the pull down menu to select the Opposing Viewpoints database. Students can also click on the link below to reach Gales Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.

Opposing VIewpoints in Context

Science in Context Database: Science in Context is an excellent source for accurate scientific information. On the topic of nuclear energy it presents articles on both sides of the controversy. It also has articles on the recent nuclear accident in Japan.

Science in Context Database

Global Issues in Context Database: This database examines the issues of nuclear energy from a global perspective. The link below takes you to a web page that provides a very helpful overview of the issues related to nuclear energy as well as a PBS video that debates the issues.

Global Issues in Context

How Nuclear Power Works Website: This website provides an explanation of how nuclear power works. It also addresses the controversial aspects of nuclear power presenting arguments addressing both the positive and negative aspects of nuclear power.

How Nuclear Power Works

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power Website: This website offers briefs descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power.

Pros and COns of Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Pros and Cons Website: This website explores the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power. It states upfront the belief that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It is nicely laid out and convienent to use for research.

Nuclear Power Pros and Cons