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Cancer Power Point Project


Databases are a great place to start your research! You can find encyclopedia articles, magazine articles,journal articles, videos and pictures. Citations are found at the end of each article.
Good databases to begin your research include: eLibrary, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Science in Context and Student Resources in Context.
A perfect resource for this project is the Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer or the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine Enter the name of the cancer in the search box to the left on this page to pull up the entry in this virtual text.
You can search by images only in eLibrary, Science in Context and Student Resource in Context to find pictures for your PowerPoint. These pictures will come with a premade citation.



Web Resources:

Want vetted, authoritative sites on your topic that you can cite quickly and easily? Use the Destiny catalog and search using WebPath Express. Here are a few of the thousands of sites you can find using this resource:

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society. n.d. Web. 15 November 2010. <>.

Use the can we help you? box to search for information about specific cancer information.

Cancer Topics

Cancer Topics. n.d. Web. 15 November 2010. <

Use the search box at the top, or the list of cancer topics in the center, or the A-Z list of cancers to locate the cancer you are researching on this National Cancer Institute sponsored site.